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How much are dues?

Dues are $40 per year for all categories except students.  Effective January 1, 2013, student memberships are $10 per year.  Our membership is rolling, so new members get a full year of membership, regardless of when they become members.

I'm moving, or my email has changed, or I need to update my profile. How do I update my records?

You can log on to the website, click on the down arrow next to your name, click on PROFILE, and update any or all of your information.  Please remember to click SAVE at the bottom of the page, or your information will not be updated.

I have not received CLE materials for a CLE event I attended. Where can I find them?
All CLE Materials and Certificates are sent directly to the attendees email through Club Express. If you have not been receiving our monthly newsletters or CLE material emails, please contact your IT Department.

Please have your IT department Whitelist our domain. The information is below. Once this has been done, we can send a test email to the attendee directly.

Please contact us at for the test email.

CLE Materials and Certificates will only be sent to the original attendee through our system and individual emails to any other person who was not in attendance will not be sent.

Also, please login to your account and check privacy settings. Recently, upon logging in, members were asked to update their privacy preferences. Please make sure your account is set to yes I do want to receive emails so you will be able to receive the CLE Materials.
I don't remember if I registered for a luncheon or other event. How can I check?
Primary registrants receive a confirmation email upon registration.  Members can log in, go to the event registration page, and click on REGISTRANTS to see a list of who registered for an event. Members can also login to their profile and view Transaction History to see if they have paid for an upcoming event.
Where and when are your meetings held?

Luncheon meetings are usually held on the second Tuesday of the month at Gainey Ranch Golf Club (effective September 2013), except for August, which is dark.  Visit our event calendar for complete information on luncheons and other events.  On occasion, we do move our luncheons to another date due to various conflicts, so please check each month to confirm the date.

How do I register for luncheons and other events?
MEMBERS MUST LOG ON FIRST using your user id and password - otherwise, you will be charged non-member pricing. 
Click on EVENT CALENDAR.  Find the event you want to register for on the calendar and click on that event.  The registration wizard will guide you through the registration process.  You can only register up to date and time of the registration deadline listed on the event calendar for that event. 
For luncheons, when you register, you must pay online with a credit card or you are charged an additional $5 at the door.  Also, you can come as a walk-in if space allows; the cost is an additional $5 per person at the door.  We can only accept cash or checks at the door.
I want to attend a luncheon. I forgot to register and now the deadline has passed. How can I tell if there is space available?
Go to the registration page.  We list the number of seats available and how many slots are available.  If the registration deadline has passed, you must attend as a walk-in and pay an additional $5.  ($35 for members, $40 for non-members; $30 for law student members)
How do I access members-only content of the website?

Log in using your ID and password, which was emailed to you.

I didn’t get a user id and password - or - I forgot my user id or password. What do I do?
You can reset your password from the login page.  Click MEMBER LOGIN, then look for the link that says FORGOT MY USERNAME/PASSWORD.  Check your spam filter and look for an email from CLUB EXPRESS or Scottsdale Bar.  If you are still having problems, email us at
Why do I have to log in?

Actually, the former SBA website also had that feature.  However, we did not have much information on it to protect, except member email addresses in the membership directory.  With increased privacy concerns, our entire membership directory is now protected and available to members only for viewing. 


Logging in as a member also permits you to register for luncheons at the member price and to register for members-only events.


Remember, you can check “remember me on this computer” so that you don’t have to find your login ID and password every time you visit the website. Just make a note of your information so that you have it if you clear your cookies, or if you log in from another computer.  If you forget your user name or password, you can reset it from the login page.

I am not getting emails from SBA. What do I do?
First, check your information on our website.  Is your email entered correctly?  If so, did you uncheck the box in your profile, which stops our emails from reaching you? 
Are you using a forwarding email address, such as  Some forwarding emails have spam filters which could be preventing you from receiving SBA's emails.  We recommend you do not use azbar or other forwarding email addresses.


In addition, some firms and personal email systems have strong spam filters.  You may need to “white list” and the email platform of ClubExpress.  Your firm or agency IT department will need the following information.


Server i.p. address:                 

All emails come from the domain:



How do I know if I need to renew my membership?

Email reminders will be sent before your membership expires.  One will go out 60 days before your membership expires, and another will go out 30 days before it expired.  Also, if you log on to the website, the word RENEW will be in red under your name in the upper left.  Just click on it to renew.  You can check your membership status at any time by logging in to the website and clicking Profile which appears under your name in the upper left.

Why does SBA website show that I need to renew? I renewed throught the MCBA. (or) I just joined through the MCBA, why don't I show as a member?

MCBA can be as much as two months behind sending new applications and renewal information to SBA.   As soon as we have the application or renewal, we process it.  Please contact if you don't hear from us.  New applications must be approved by the Board of Directors at a monthly meeting so there can be some delay if a meeting isn't held immediately after your application comes in.  However, we give you a full year of membership so you are not penalized by any delay.

How do I renew my membership on the website?

Log in, review the membership categories under Membership Information, then click on the Renewing Your Membership – Instructions.  The membership renewal wizard is easy and should permit you to breeze right through the process.  You will be able to print an invoice and mail in a check, or pay online with your credit card.  You can also print a receipt for online payments at the end of the transaction.

I want to register for multiple people from my firm to attend a luncheon or social event. Can I do that without each of us having to log in separately? What if I already registered or I'm not attending myself?

You can register up to 5 others for a luncheon when you register.  Register yourself, hit NEXT, and click on ADD GUEST TO REGISTRATION.  Each guest is added individually.  You will need to indicate whether each person is a member or non-member and include their email address while registering them.  The website cannot confirm what you select for your companions’ status, so please confirm that information before you register them.  Member pricing is lower than non-member pricing, so you could inadvertently overpay or underpay for your companions.  We will double-check companions’ names to make sure they are properly registered.  Note, if you pay online using a credit card, you must pay for yourself and all your companions on one card.

If you already registered and decide to bring a guest later, log in and start the registration process and choose I'M ALREADY REGISTERED AND I'M REGISTERING SOMEONE ELSE.   Then hit NEXT and add the guest.
If you are not attending but wish to register and pay for someone, you can do that also.  Log in and start the registration process and choose I'M NOT ATTENDING AND I'M REGISTERING SOMEONE ELSE.  Then hit NEXT and add the guest.


Summer socials and holiday parties are slightly different.  We permit each member to sign up one non-member guest at the same price as the member.  Therefore, you can only add one companion to each registration.  Each member who is bringing a guest will need to register separately.

I already registered for an event and I want to add someone to my registration. How do I do that?

If you already registered and decide to bring a guest later, log in and start the registration process and choose I'M ALREADY REGISTERED AND I'M REGISTERING SOMEONE ELSE.   Then hit NEXT and add the guest you can do so by choosing your name (as though you are registering again), then selecting "not attending or already registered" in the drop down box labeled "select registrant type."  Then add your guest as a companion. Don't select "member" again in the drop down box, or the system will charge you for both you and your companion.

You can register up to 5 companions on your registration for luncheons.  (Summer social and holiday parties are limited to one companion, because each member can bring only one non-member companion at the same price.  Thus, members need to register separately if they plan to bring a guest.)  
Do I have to register on the website or can I mail in my registration?

You must register for all events on the website.  This method will ensure that we have all registrations recorded by the RSVP deadline.  Please do not mail in registrations.  In addition, please do not mail in checks for luncheon payments.  You must pay on the website or pay an additional $5 at the door (cash or check).

I registered but didn't pay online. Can I go back on the website and pay now?

Yes, you can log on and look for the red $ sign in the upper right.  Click on that to be taken to the payment screen.

Do I have to pay on the website using a credit card when I register for a luncheon? Can I still mail in a check?

You may either pay on the website, or bring a check to the luncheon.  If you choose to bring a check to the luncheon, you will pay $5 more per person than if you pay on the website.  Please DO NOT MAIL us a check for the luncheons.

How do I know if I have a credit? How do I apply it?
If you have a credit, it will show up on your PROFILE under the PAYMENT/CREDIT HISTORY SCREEN.  When you register for an event, go through the payment process as you normally would and the credit pops up.  Then pay for the event using the credit.
How can I tell if I paid my dues, or for an event? How do I print an invoice or receipt?

At the end of the registration process, or the dues renewal process, if you choose not to pay online, you will be given the option to print an invoice.  After you complete an online credit card payment, you will be given the option to print a receipt.  You can also print receipts at any time after a transaction is completed.  Just log in, look for your name in the upper right corner and click on the down arrow next to it, click on PROFILE then on PAYMENT/CREDIT HISTORY.  NOTE:  Sometimes the print function does not work unless you press CONTROL on your keyboard while clicking on the print receipt button. 

Can I download a calendar item for an event to my calendar?
Yes, you can download a calendar item directly to your Outlook calendar or other Personal Information Manger.  On the registration page, you will see a monthly calendar in color which says "add to my calendar."  Click on the calendar and a "v calendar event" will open in a box.  Open and save it on your calendar.
Can I cancel my registration for an event?
Our cancellation policy for an event is stated on the event registration page.  We must guarantee the number of attendees for luncheons and social events.  If you cancel after the registration deadline, there are no refunds.  However, if we have a late registration to take your place, we will give you a credit for a future event.  If a cancellation is within the registration deadline, you can cancel online as follows:
Log on at
Click on PROFILE in the upper left corner.
Find the event.  If a trash barrel is next to the event, you can click on that icon to cancel your registration.
How do I add my photo or a bio to my membership directory listing?

It's easy! 

Click the circle next to your name at the top right of the screen on any page.

Click on My Directory Listing and then on the blank circle under the words Membership Directory. Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see instructions for how to upload your photo.

On this portion of your listing, you can add your social networking information, add a bio, and upload a photo. 

Note that there are pencil icons in other areas of your listing, which allow you to edit your contact information, website, and law school information.

For more information on how to update your profile online, you can watch this You Tube video:  
Updating Your Member Profile

How do I revise my membership directory listing or enable the business directory?

You can log on to the website, click on the down arrow next to your name, click on PROFILE, and update any or all of your contact information, update your membership directory listing (available only to members upon login) or enable your listing inthe business directory (available to the public).  When updating Please remember to click SAVE at the bottom of each page you update, or your information will not be updated.